another wonderful wedding sponsored by game of thrones

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i’ll stop you.

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Killian Jones, managing to put a smile on Emma Swan's face every now and then.

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I’m tired of living in the past.

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Album Art


I’m not sure if this could possibly be taken down but eh, here you go. It’s just a compilation of clips from the song~Enjoy while it’s up!

Kind of bummed that they decided to change the song just for the English dub, but we can’t do jack squat about it

At least they kept “Jaeger!”

They actually did a pretty good job fitting “Jaeger” into an English song, you guys can’t even complain.

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TitleA clip of the new SNK English OP

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Apologies for the Miyuki Spam..

"This sounds like a lot of fun. Rei, can I catch his pitch?"

Miyuki and his nasty personality…

It’s been too long…since I last heard the sound of my pitch being caught by a mitt. When I chose this school, I made the right choice.